GEMG Contribution Awards

The GEMG committee wished to recognise long standing members and those who have had a long standing participation in enhancing environmental management within the Goldfields. In 2014 the first contribution awards were presented to recipients from across the environmental management community at the GEMG workshop dinner. We have continued this traddition at the 2016 and 2018 workshops.  If you would like to nominate someone for a contribution award please email




Michelle Berryman

Awarded to Michelle for her almost 20 years in environmental management associated with KCGM. This culminated  in the significant improvements in dust management and sulfur dioxide management at the Super Pit with the ultra fine grind circuit.

Graeme Campbell

Awarded to Graeme for his contribution to waste characterisation in the mining industry. Graeme has shown a passion to educate those on the risks associated with adverse rock types encountered during mining operations.

Tony Fitz-Gibson

Awarded to Tony for his significant contribution to recycling across the Goldfields through not-for-profit organisation Ruggies Recycling. Ruggies recycling has established waste disposal relationships with numerous mines in the Goldfields and raises funds for PMH and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Ian Kealley

Awarded to Ian for his contribution to environmental management through his work at the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Ian has been a pillar for positive proactive environmental management in the Goldfields for over 30 years.

John Law

Awarded to John for his contribution to the Goldfields over the last 30 years. John was a founding member of the GEMG and has worked in government, consulting and  mine rehabilitation. He continuously looks for ways to innovate and do things better.

Jeff Waddington

Awarded to Jeff for his contribution to mentor and develop environmental professionals. Since his time at St Barbara he has been chairman of the Chamber of Minerals and Energy Goldfields Environmental Forum and supporter of the GEMG workshop.



Belinda Bastow

Awarded to Belinda for her active contribution to GEMG committee. Belinda shares knowledge through her wonderful presentations at GEMG workshops and actively participating in GEMG events.    

Gay and Gerry Bradley

Awarded to Gay for her contribution to the GEMG committee. Gay help facilitate workshop in 1992 to 1996 and was involved with the production of the Plant Identification Handbook in collaboration with Steve Rusbridge. Awarded to Gerry for his contribution to the workshop and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge.    

Claire Burns (Mcguire)

Awarded to Claire for her contribution to the GEMG committee. Claire has been President and Secretary of the GEMG for 4 workshops.

Nick Galton-Fenzi

Awarded to Nick for his contribution to the GEMG committee. Nick was President of the GEMG from 2005 to 2008 and Vice President from 2008 to 2011.

Ray Gerrard

Awarded to Ray for his constant contribution to environmental management in the Goldfields particularly in regard to rehabilitation of mine waste landforms.

Harley Lacy

Awarded to Harley for his contribution to the environmental management. Harley has presented numerous presentations at GEMG workshops and supportive innovative ideas such as the Ecosystem Function Analysis.

Danielle Risbey

Awarded to Danielle Risbey for her commitment to environmental management in the Goldfields through her work at the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Steve Rusbridge

Awarded to Steve for his involvement in bringing together information to produce the Plant Identification Handbook. Steve took all the photos and wrote the descriptions.

Kristy Sell

Awarded to Kristy for contribution to environmental management over the past 20 years. Kristy has contributed to the GEMG workshops and been a mentor for young environmental professionals.  

Andrea Williams

Awarded to Andrea for her contribution to the GEMG committee. Andrea was been involved with the group since 1994 and was Treasurer from 2004 to 2010.